Some thoughts on 'me media', the new personal publishing paradigm

All of us are publishers now that we contribute to the web with social media tools like Twitter, blogs, and Facebook. Since we all have friends and we all are experts in something, we naturally have ideas to share. In sharing, we advocate ideas, thoughts and even products or services. This type of word of mouth marketing is a very powerful means to move product, so many marketers are seeking a way to gain access to influencers like you who have something important to say.

As you know, Revenue Nation seeks to help us everyday publishers make a little money advocating products, services, and brands we love. Revenue Nation feels that if we are all going to make recommendations to our friends, and those brands benefits, we should get a little somethin' for the effort. So we have kept our model simple to help folks monetize the content they contribute to the web.

Think of us as an easy button for amateur web publishers like you, me and folks who spend time networking and contributing to the web. When we roll out the service, you'll be able to learn how to promote your own business or promote and advocate 3rd party products for profit (we also will provide discounts to our users when they buy products from advertisers in our portfolio). We'll provide you with all the tools necessary to setup and monetize your online activity and we will provide a catalog of offers you can promote while you interact on the web.

We are looking forward to our launch...and we hope you are as well. Please stay tuned here for more news!

5 reasons why 2010 is a good year to become a Revenue Nation Advocate

  1. Clean up your finances with the extra money you make
  2. Tell your friends about products you are passionate about
  3. Get compensated for your brand loyalty
  4. Leverage your social networking prowess to earn cash
  5. Work from home or anywhere you are connected to the net
  6. Get deep product discounts from the brands you promote