The other way to boost recommendations: (hint: Steve Jobs made billions with this)

It usually goes without saying that if you build a great product, you'll get your share of word-of-mouth recommendations. Seems pretty obvious, right?

The irony is tht there are a LOT of small and large brands out there who only give this lip servcie and don't live the mantra. If you truly want your product to be your marketing, you need to commit to a grea product and a great product experience.

Recent work by Temkin Group reveals some data to support this:

The most telling quote: 

Satisfied customers are not only more likely to recommend customers, but also more likely to purchase again from them in the future.

You should also check out their self assesment form to see how you are doing. Its a worthwhile excercise to get your team thinking about delivering great customer experiences so you can enjoy the power of word-of-mouth.