Check out this great Word-of-Mouth infographic

The image below was recently published by and columnfive. Its a great infographic illustration of the power of word of mouth marketing.

One of the highlights that stands out is the number of recommendations that occur offline. According to this graphic, its 9 out of 10! That says that folks arent recommending enough online!

Wow, that this number is low (in our very biased opinion)!

As followers of this blog know, we are working on some very cool tools to allow you to make these recommendations simply and easily online so you can track them and even earn a commissions for yourself or your favorite charity. With our new beta (sign up here) we also have a few more tricks up our sleeve to give our users better access to information that really helps them make purchase decisions.

For brands this will eventually mean that tracking WOMM will be easier and more intuitve as well. If you are a brand interested in learning more about Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM), check out the WOMMA summit here.