Small businesses love social media!

A quick snippet from emarketer's recent article: Social Marketing’s Benefits Rival Email for Small Businesses

The quote we like the most is this one:

Social media has quickly moved up the ranks of top marketing tactics among small and medium-sized business (SMBs). April 2011 research from Pitney Bowes indicates that by some measures of desirability, it’s in close competition with email.

In pictures:

What do we think this means in the broader perspective?

  • SMB Marketers realize the power of connecting with customers directly via social channels
  • SMB Marketers like the control of the channel and freedom it represents to realize their creativity
  • SMB Marketers are more likely to experiment with the channel to light small marketing fires to see what takes off
  • SMB marketers will look for simple uses of social channels to create buzz and awareness via online word-of-mouth marketing

What does this mean for RevenueNation Advocates?

  • There should be more interest from SMBs for services like RevenueNation 
  • There will likely be more cool new products promoted via social channels, and thus higher earning potential for Brand Advocates!

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