Experienced Marketers Tracking Purchases from Social Marketing

Ok, so this is a week or so old, but after digging into this post from eMarketer called Experienced Social Media Marketers Add More Goals, Metrics, we found a couple nuggets we thought you should see. The gist of the article is that the more experience a marketer has, the more likely they are to track social channels.

From the below chart, we see that those using social marketing for more than a year are using it to track purchase transactions. Younger marketers are less likely to be concerned with tracking purchases.

A few things come to mind:


  1. Once they are using social channels, the more experienced marketers realize the power inherent in social media to get to the purchase, and thus seek for ways to quantify the effects of the social word-of-mouth channel. (30% of the surveyed experienced marketers are tracking purchases. None of the less experienced participants are tracking purchases.)
  2. It might be inferred that inexperienced marketers would seek to track transactions, yet don't yet know of simplified and turn-key ways to track social word-of-mouth. HINT: This is where RevenueNation steps in!
  3. Judging from the trend lines here, it might be assumed that the more experience a marketer has with social, the more likely they are to move even more dollars into the social channel once they are aware of it's efficacy.


What does it mean for word-of mouth advocates and marketers? It means that with each passing year, more smaller brands are going to become more experienced with social and begin to pour dollars into the channel due to both its effects on brand awareness and influence on purchasing decisions. Logically, this means more products that have been hiding beneath all the big spend marketing budgets are going to find creative ways to user social marketing to rise above all the noise and generate leads and purchases.

What do you think...are we going to see a big uptick in the number of smaller, less experienced firms that leverage social? Comment away below...