What brand marketers expect from their social followers

Another good one from the folks at eMarketer. They pulled together some data from a research shop regarding the expectations brand marketers have regarding their social followers:

According to a July 2010 survey of social media marketers by Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic, the most valuable aspects of social media brand fans go beyond anything with an immediate monetary value. Increased short-term and long-term spend on the brand were the bottom two results.

At the top of the list were the fan’s value as a source of insight and increased loyalty overall. Advocacy and engagement were also important to at least three-quarters of respondents.

Whats most intriguing is the third line of the following graphic. "An increased chance of advocacy/recommendation". To us at RevenueNation, this is the sweetspot. We think that every brand -- large or small -- will eventually create strategies and tactics to build and monitor their own online Word of Mouth marketing just like they do for search and display.

Obviously, we don't feel that just having a facebook or twitter page is a strategy in and of itself. We think brands should engage in consciously designed and architected word of mouth campaigns leveraging dedicated tools set up expressly for this purpose (ahem: RevenueNation).

As we roll our product out of our test phase, we look forward to engaging directly with brands and advertisers looking to their online Word-of Mouth programs just like they run SEM or display campaigns: simply, accurately and with tools to monitor their efficacy.

If you are an advertiser interested in participating in our beta, click here. We look forward to hearing from you!