Data: online vs offline word-of-mouth recommendations

A new article on emarketer today talks about a dip in the amount of word-of-mouth recommendations occurring online. In the article there are some very interesting stats (quoted):

Also of note:

  • "The digital channel used most for product discussions was mobile—when used for conversations, however, not text messages.
  • Only 35% of the overall population, and 56% of the young adult population, talked about products and services on social sites."

 Here also is a nice overview of the methods used in WOMM:

So why would we post about a seeming downturn in online word-of mouth when thats what we do? 

Well, we aim to change the downward trend by making it very easy and rewarding for you to pass recommendations and links to friends online. We maintain that the ease and simplicity that RevenueNation offers will contribute to massive growth in the use of trackable online recommendations over the next few years.

But How?

RevenueNation empowers our Advocates (users) by providing easy tools (our offer catalog, tracking links, and knowledge base) and real incentives (you commissions when your friends buy and you get discounts on the products you recommend). We also provide the tools to send (email links to friends, tweet links, etc) and track your recommendations so you can easily see how much you earn and how often your recs get clicked.

We look forward to helping reverse this trend so advertisers can more confidently use the online word-of-mouth channel and our advocates realize more economic and psychic benefits of using word-of-mouth for profit.