Concerns about Facebook Word-of-mouth ads


As you all know back in early February, the folks at facebook launched a word of mouth ad unit. Its great verification of the WOMM channel and its efficacy for sure. But we are skeptical for a few reasons:


  1. Facebook pushes a recommendation into a feed of friends (not genuine)
  2. Facebook makes all the money and doesn't share it with you!
  3. There is benefit only to the marketer and not the individual in the circle of friends who's profile is being used to serve the promotion


While we are big fans of facebook and the platform, we question the privacy concerns does the author of the article:

While the media have been reporting on the new strategy, users so far haven’t been informed of the development, as they were with the recent layout change to profile pages. And some feel that without offering an opt-out option, Facebook still hasn’t learned its privacy lessons.

This move is a great verification for WOMM, but at ReveneuNation, we don't believe they went far enough...

At some point bigger firms will get the message about making sure folks are compensated for their time, recommendations, and attention. Human signals are just too valuable to ignore because they cut through the clutter.

NOTE: Don't get us wrong, we understand that facebook is free and that we pay for it by seeing ads...