2011 Digital Marketing Outlook: Earned media warming up...even more

Lets start off with a stat from the recent emarketer article about earned media:

24% of agencies plan to significantly increase unpaid or earned media investments in 2011

(A quick reminder: Earned media is any media that allows the customer to become the sales channel where the result of the media investment is conversation between consumers and brands. Think Word-of-Mouth-Marketing). See below for clarification:

This is a large number...one quarter of all agencies will spend significantly more on earned media. One quarter of agency spending is a non-trivial amount of revenue coming to our humble channel. This is great news to those involved in the RevenueNation... we are in the earned media business!

The data is just another point of justification that the online word-of-mouth marketing channel is a large part of marketing's future (and that all of the RevenueNation brand advocates are on the bleeding edge of a movement that is reaching full force!)

We look forward to the continued journey!