The Do Not Track list and the future of marketing

Today, Google released a Chrome browser feature which will allow users to opt out of tracking cookies. A quote from the post:

Today we are building on this work, and that of others, by allowing you to permanently opt out of ad tracking from all companies that offer opt-outs through the industry self-regulation programs. Keep in mind that once you install the Keep My Opt-Outs extension, your experience of online ads may change: You may see the same ads repeatedly on particular websites, or see ads that are less relevant to you. 

So now those consumers that "opt in" to "opt out" are going to see ads that are potentially less relevant to them. Bad for the ad networks, for sure. But I doubt many consumers really care... at this point most of us are banner blind anyway!

But why are we writing about this subject on the RevenueNation blog?

Simple: Personal advice from a trusted source will always cut through the clutter. Accordingly, advice through word-of-mouth will become even more important to those who get that advice (be it the brand or the purchaser). 

Technology will always strive to find the "holy grail" of the perfect pitch and timing for every consumer itch, and we will all reap the rewards of such advancements. But, until we find marketing's Holy Grail, well have to rely on good old fashioned human intelligence to tell us what is good, bad, relevant, or a waste of time.

This is why we come to work in the morning. Our goal is to empower you to participate and profit in the online conversation.