Liking a Brand Versus Being a Brand Advocate

While brands should be thrilled when individuals "like" them on Facebook, they need to be aware that the act of liking by an individual is not an act on the brand's behalf. It's an act by the user to illustrate more about themself and the brands they associate with and enjoy.

Consider the following quote from a recent eMarketer article about the "The Thin Line Between Liking a Brand and Liking Its Social Marketing":

Consumers who “like” a brand as a means to their own self-expression are by definition brand advocates, and the earned media potential for marketers among these enthusiasts is high. But marketers must remember that a desire for marketing messages—even those that include a good coupon or exclusive offer—is not why everyone is connecting.

Users aren't signing up for brand spam or a series of unsolicited messages and brands shouldn't get too cocky with a "like" action. The real gold in social media and word-of-mouth is a proactive recommendation of a product or brand from one friend to another. These recommendations are expressions of belief and require energy exerted on behalf of one individual based on their passion or interest in the brand. Such passion results in word of mouth marketing accounting for 20-50% of all purchasing decisions.

In essence, the "like" is an expression of who the liker is and the profile they want to project, no more. What marketers seek (to contribute to the bottom line) is that individual's proactive recommendation of the brand or product. RevenueNation facilitates these recommendations with our simple system so that brands can benefit from the millions of word-of-mout interactions each day.