The Power of word-of-mouth keeps Molokai Green


This is very cool. Blue Planet Foundation ran a word-of-mouth campaign that saved Molokai $6.5 Million! This is a great example of how word-of mouth marketing can make the world a better (and greener) place. Check out these stats:

The residents save $200 per swap, based on the life of the bulb. Do that calculation during this three-month engagement with the community and this translates to a savings of 17 gigawatt-hours of electricity. What's more, it prevents more than 16,000 tons of carbon dioxide from ever being emitted.

Even more compelling:

Based on a survey from 300 homes, 60% of participants exchanged bulbs and reported a decrease in their energy bill (about $10 a month). Each participant swapped an average of 15 bulbs. Nearly 90% of the participants felt that the program was effective.

As we all know the power of word-of-mouth is undeniable. The simple sharing of a compelling idea with those in our networks can get folks to act. With RevenueNation, you have the power to easily use online word-of-mouth to let folks know about your products or other brands you really love. And because these recommendations come from someone they trust (you!) , your friends will take action and you can reap the rewards!

Please feel free to submit your own success stories as they happen, the rest of us will want to hear what you did and how you got folks to take action!