The Role of Influencers in Online Word of Mouth Marketing

A March 2010 eMarketer article cites some great data from a research report called “The Influencer: A Consumer Voice with Legs,” a white paper from ICOM, a division of Epsilon Targeting. The net-net is that influencers seek to influence others using any media format and they generally recommend products in areas they are interested in.

A couple quotes from the eMarketer article:

The report described influencers’ desire to participate in word-of-mouth as “inherent,” and noted that influencers often restricted themselves to talking about only those product categories that were personally important to them. For example, a new child gets moms interested in the baby products category, and they go on to become passionate advocates within that category.

Most fascinating is this excerpt from eMarketer:

Social media marketers may hope to get influencers on board as online brand advocates, but most word-of-mouth still happens offline.

We feel that the heavy weighting to offline recommendations is a result of the lack of tools that allow influencers/brand advocates to EASILY make online recommendations to friends using direct links to the products they feel strongly about. We also feel that if influencers see a monetary benefit to recommending the brands they are passionate about, that they will be more active online and be more loyal to the brands they do recommend.

Our above bias is the reason why we created the RevenueNation program and our mission is to provide simple tools help empower and engage these influencers to more actively recommend brands online. 

We look forward to the years ahead as RevenueNation helps Word of Mouth brand advocacy explode online.