Everyone is a publisher...


The world is changing and all of us that use the web and participate in the online conversation are in the position to profit from our online activities.

The idea is not new...for decades publishers have been profiting from their content by selling ad space along side it. Dead tree media like newspapers have made a killing on this model, yet the winds of change are forcing them to evaluate how they get paid for content that used to be free.

Now that content creation has ben democratized, there is a huge opportunity for those of us that contribute user generated content (UGC) to blogs, sites and social networks. We should be compensated like professional publishers and "semi-pro" publishers like affiliate marketers.

To quote Steve Poland writing an article in TechCrunch called "Twitter and Facebook Turn Everyone into an Affiliate Marketer":

Most recently, it’s not just websites/blogs that are referring sales, but rather individuals themselves, who are using realtime sites like Twitter and Facebook to influence their friends and followers by recommending products to buy, music to listen to, and movies to watch. These realtime discussions are becoming important sources of referral sales and leads for websites—if someone is asking on Twitter what digital camera they should buy, you bet your ass that Amazon.com wants anyone on the Internet responding to that user’s question to be linking to a camera for sale on Amazon.com (and not Walmart.com or BestBuy.com)...

Everyone with access to the Internet today is a Publisher. They are a voice. This has always been the case, but not the way it is now with Microblogging. Individuals were Publishers on a smaller scale via email forwards, email replies, IM, or most recently blog posts. Blogging broadened individual’s view points (influence) up to a global scale—no longer would they only influence just a few friends in a closed-circuit email, but they could influence the masses online. But blogging wasn’t realtime discussions. Instant messaging and chat rooms were always realtime discussions—but primarily on a one-on-one or small-group basis. Twitter and Facebook status updates, aka microblogging, has mashed the realtime nature of instant messaging with the global scale and voice of blogging.

RevenueNation seeks to simplify the way in which amateur publishers like you and me can post relevant revenue-generating links to topical articles and conversations on the web. We help this new breed of amateur publishers become brand advocates to promote products and services they feel are relevant to their networks, followers, friends or conversations about our areas of interest.

By providing amateur publishers to access to a simple set of lessons and a catalog of brands to promote, we empower the modern amateur publisher to become a very powerful brand advocate and promoter that seeks to place relevant promotions so that their links get clicked.

Our team of advocates only get compensated when an action is taken by the reader, thus insuring that links posted are within relevant areas where interested audiences are present. Our advocates also gain access to discounts on the products they promote, so that they are both familiar with and loyal to the brands they promote. 

The benefit to our advertisers is simple: our team of amateur publishers filter and find areas on the web where their products and services are relevant...effectively crowd-sourcing the identification of the relevant placements across the web. Further, with our model, advertisers only pay RevenueNation Advocates when an action (like a purchase) is completed...thus removing the budget risk to advertisers seeking to get their products and service placed in the right conversations.

We look forward to empowering our RevenueNation Advocates and RevenueNation brands with the ability to use the "wisdom of the crowd" to find and place relevant messages that lead to results.

Stay tuned as we get closer to launch. We look forward to the conversation!