ATTN Marketers: "most brand-related chatter, both online and offline, is positive"

Thats a direct quote from this emarketer article about how word-of-mouth is viewed favorably by consumers Here are some other great pullouts:

"positive buzz carries more weight with consumers, according to research from Keller Fay Group."

"the firm found about two-thirds of word-of-mouth brand references were “mostly positive.”"

Two-thirds of study respondents thought positive word-of-mouth was credible... Positive information was also more likely to be passed on to others, more than twice as likely to get people to look for more information, and had nearly four times the chance of pushing consumers to make a purchase."

"Children’s products and food brands tended to get the most positive mentions, while net advocacy on behalf of companies in the telecommunications, financial services and healthcare industries was lowest."

"The Keller Fay research supports findings by women-focused marketing and communications firm Harbinger, which reported a greater motivation to share good brand experiences than bad ones among female internet users in North America" 

Safe to say we agree with the above and look forward to the forthcoming interest in this channel. We are here for you, marketers! Also, marketers, click here for a great presentation from the Keller Fay Group regarding the VALUE of word-of-mouth conversations