Why marketing "the cloud" is good for word-of-mouth marketers

The current mainstream trend of using "the cloud" (in this case used as consumer web-services) in marketing messages to let folks know they can get their stuff backed up and accessed out on the interwebs (Microsoft and others) is helping generate awareness for the power of the web to make anyone's life more easy and relevant.

By getting folks in the mindset of using the cloud more as a part of their everyday workflow, people see that the real value of the cloud (the internet) is more than the utilities of cloud storage, backup, etc. The mainstream is seeing the social benefit from the mindset shift towards leveraging the wisdom of the crowd in the cloud to share, network, and get recommendations from folks they interact with in "the cloud".

By making cloud services socially efficient, more and more are seeing recommendations and associated links become their primary driver of purchase decisions. For marketers, this change in behavior from machine recommended (search engines) to human recommended (social) creates a marvelous opportunity and a large responsibility.

Brands that wish to leverage this change will need to be more transparent, less 'markety' and will have to learn to harness the wisdom of the crowd in the cloud by properly incentivizing and empowering the crowd with tools to share their thoughts and recommendations with friends. The benefits will be huge for those that adopt and accommodate this trend.

As a business that was founded on the principal that online word-of-mouth recommendations will power more purchase decisions than traditional marketing, we look forward to the coming future where brands and customers alike can benefit mutually from transparent and "liquid" product recommendations in the cloud.