44% of Social use is for customer acquisition/customer Loyalty

More recent eMarketer research bearing out the fact that more brands are looking to Social Media to increase their customer acquisition efforts. The data points to the fact that 44% of Social Media activity is for acquisition or loyalty.

These goals are certainly on our minds as well. We believe that the use of personal recommendations should be very rewarding for both brands and those who recommend them. RevenueNation is setup so that Brands can easily and safely setup word-of-mouth campaigns that empower our brand Advocates to share brands and receive benefits for doing so.

The net result for the brand is "free" impressions...in that even if the link to the product isn't used to buy, the brand receives a very relevant impression via the recommendation. If the recommendation is used to buy, Brands get a sale, the recommender gets a cash benefit and the Brand builds loyalty as their discount is extended to the person that recommended the brand.

So you see the RevenueNation solution is both a customer acquisition and a brand loyalty solution for smart advertisers that recognize the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Clearly there are more of these smart marketers every day, as the eMarketer data illustrates:


If you are one of these small or large brands looking to simply setup an easy way to leverage the power of word-of mouth marketing, click here and we will get right back to you with details