Well looky here...teen girls look to friends for trends and buying advice.

A direct quote from today's eMarketer research snippet: How to influence teen girls online:

Friends and peers are an important part of teen girls’ experience, and Ketchum found they were the first place respondents turned for advice about buying apparel. Friends were the top source of new trend information and also the most influential when it came to making purchase decisions, making the social aspect of shopping key for this demographic.

No big surprises there, we suppose, but what does that really mean? What it means is brands should be seizing the opportunity to harness the recommendation power of these young ladies.

Enter RevenueNation. 

By using RevenueNation to set up a brand advocacy campaign, brands empower young ladies (and young men!) to benefit by the word-of-mouth recommendations they make to friends while building stronger brand loyalty with these folks via product discounts offered through RevenueNation. 

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