The advertising and marketing technology markets are immensely confusing, competitive, and dynamic. As rapid market changes occur, a growing firm’s rapid understanding of this change and its impact on commercial strategy is the difference in maintaining competitiveness and demonstrating differentiated value.
Without a clear and logical fit between a business model and the market, offerings are lost in a ‘sea of sameness’ and valuable resources are wasted getting business closed and hitting revenue forecasts.
Thoughtbank was born out of the recognition (and first-hand experience) that many small to mid-sized firms suffer from constraints that prevent them from investing and maintaining a market-matched sales and marketing strategy that positions an agile firm for success.

By providing ‘acting’ CMO, CRO, and holistic strategic advisory services focused on commercial teams, Thoughtbank identifies access to the route, methods, and tactics to capture sustained market share — and validate future sales, marketing, and strategy investment.


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Thoughtbank creates advantage and growth for adtech, martech, and digital media businesses by identifying market opportunity and preparing clear commercial strategies leveraging a firm’s unique capabilities.
Thoughtbank leverages deep executive operational experience to aid in fitting a firm’s products, messaging, and commercial activity to their markets to increase revenue and deliver more efficient use of resources. Thoughtbank provides a roadmap to empower commercial teams to execute with speed, intelligence, customer focus, and agility. 
Thoughtbank acts to support existing teams or augments them in the absence of senior marketing, sales, or business development resources.



Thoughtbank challenges the status quo of traditional strategic advisories that focus on advice and de-emphasize integrated “roll-up the sleeves” tactical execution.

Thoughtbank delivers both the strategic "Air Game"  — covering corporate strategy, unified commercial strategy, marketing strategy, and strategic positioning & messaging, while offering full capabilities to deliver 'on the ground'. These "Ground Game" items traditionally focus on sales, business development, sales enablement & alignment, lead generation, CRM and marketing automation utilization, ROI measurement, product management, and product marketing.



William of Ockham was on to something. We believe, like science, sales, marketing and strategy are most effective when diligently applied with a thoughtful and elegant approach. When taking on complex problems, simpler and well thought out solutions tend to be more effective - particularly in highly dynamic and competitive technology and digital media markets.

Accordingly, we believe every successful cooperation should include:

  • clear, up front objectives
  • agreed upon metrics for progress measurement and ROI
  • a predetermined set of hypothesis to validate to capture enterprise learning
  • and the simplest and most elegant solution to solve the problem at hand.



Thoughtbank helps companies maximize their marketing investment using proven methods, measured experimentation, and creative growth marketing. We espouse the notion that marketing is an investment center and that all dollars invested need to be presented to the C-Suite in terms of their ROI and direct contribution to revenue.

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Positioning and messaging platform development
  • Growth marketing / "growth hacking"
  • SaaS strategies for marketing and pricing
  • Market segmentation
  • Digital channel optimization
  • Programmatic /people-based marketing
  • Marketing automation

Sales & Business Development

Thoughtbank assesses the sales process to make sure it aligns with the unique offering of the business and the market’s expectations. Thoughtbank synthesizes sales teams, methods, incentives, and processes with an in-depth understanding of each firm’s challenges and proven sales & business development pathways.

  • Sales strategy development
  • Sales process analysis
  • Marketing <-> Sales alignment
  • Sales team augmentation
  • Prospect introductions

Strategic Partnerships

As experienced and networked industry executives, we are well versed in creating partnerships that accelerate growth and capture advantage. 

  • Prospect definition and identification
  • Partnership opportunity analysis
  • Business development/introductions
  • Partner prospect introductions

Strategy Development

We author and refine strategies that drive growth and business advantage. Having built and evolved the strategies of several successful early and mid-stage businesses, we know what works, where entrepreneurial optimism clouds judgement, and how to course-correct as market externalities appear.

  • Strategy development / refinement
  • Market landscape analysis
  • Offline to digital strategies
  • Strategy for programmatic /people-based marketing

Creative Innovation

Thoughtbank offers partners the ability to scenario the future by understanding the implications of existing and burgeoning technologies. We help understand how programmatic media and other technologies can be used to obtain advantage and capture new revenue. 

  • Business model
  • Digital transformation
  • Product Roadmap scenario exercises


Trip Foster is the principal and founding member of the firm. Trip is former EVP of Adomik. In his capacity at Adomik, he ran the commercial operations for The Americas including sales, marketing, and partnership activities for the firm. Mr Foster was also the former CMO of both MediaTrust (9th fastest Inc 500 company in 2009) and Zenovia/Brandscreen. Mr Foster was an early entrepreneur at CheMatch (sold to the ICE), a first-of-its-kind online B2B marketplace.

To gain deeper perspective or expertise, Mr Foster works with a trusted panel of vetted and experienced leaders from the media, marketing, and software industries. This trusted network of engineers, product managers, channel gurus and marketers maximize the outcome Thoughtbank clients receive.

The panel has over 200 years collective experience creating and growing digital media and tech businesses. This is a creative group that is passionate about building great companies and products, minimizing waste, and maximizing learning as they do so.



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